A case full of studies

Normally I don’t use this bully pulpit to hawk our wares directly, but a number of folks have been clamoring for more information as to what real productization engagements look like (hey I must be hanging with Zeb too much; I’m beginning to sound like him).  Accordingly we have recently updated our  presentation of case studies, available on our web site under, yup, you guessed it, Case Studies. No points for originality, but we do provide some good real world examples across the spectrum of productization services, from fractional executive engagements to thorough design reviews for manufacturability / testability / etc (aka DFx) to simple, or not so simple, DFMEAs. We also show how these services were applied to a variety of market segments, including medical, clean-tech and industrial.


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  • Zeb

    Chuck, I’m as happy as a pig in a poke that I’ve been able to learn you to talk more like a honest mudsill and less like them big bugs.

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