A Compendium of Unobtainium’s Companion Elements

Recently I blogged (http://zebulonsolutions.com/productizationblog/?p=66)about the challenges of productizing designs that used unobtainium, a mythical material highly desired by some design engineers and marketing mavens.  I got a deluge of comments on several forums (thanks for that!), including many companion material options.    Some noteworthy, or at least humorous, alternative materials included:

Nobidium: what some companies do when confronted with unobtanium on the bill of materials–thanks Hale

Enriched unobtanium: even better and more rare that unobtanium–thanks Joe

Transparent aluminum: light, clear and a price so low suppliers will pay you to take it–thanks Sheldon

Polynonexistomer: a plastic alternative–thanks Andy

Derillium:  a great way to lighten any structure for removing weight… and strength…–thanks Mark

Back to realworldium… oh well.


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  • Kako

    I don’t think it would be considered post modienrsm to read metaphor into a film, that would simply be film criticism. Post modienrsm might focus on the unreliability of meaning in the film. You may also be able to work post structuralism or multiculturalism into your diss somehow as well.On the other hand, the embrace of cliche you mention could be seen as a post-modern technique an awareness within the text of the general rules of storytelling, and an attempt to use what is normally seen as a negative quality in a deliberate fashion to subvert those rules. I don’t suspect that is what is going on here though. More like Cameron saying fuck it, we’ll do it live.

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