A really, really big product

***Update: as one of the Qantas travellers who was delayed by the ongoing investigation into the Rolls Royce engine failure on the early November Qantas flight out of Singapore, I am feeling like I need to eat my words.  Good lesson that surface finish and product sex appeal are not always the best indicators of product quality.  Perhaps a little more engineering effort on the engine design and less on the in-seat entertainment system would have been better. Of course hindsight is always 20/20. Chuck***

as I recently flew to Australia to visit a customer on a really, really big product–the Airbus A380.  Despite many years of scoffing at Airbus’s inferior planes as compared to the Boeing jets we Americans have known and loved for decades, I found myself fascinated with the aircraft. It is without a doubt one ____ good plane. Quiet, smooth, shockingly efficient loading and unloading, well  designed seats and a first class entertainment system even back in seat 71H.  I know next to nothing about airplane design, but as an engineer  I can appreciate well crafted design and solid engineering when I see it.  So I tip my hat to the engineers, designers, program managers and supply chain experts who designed this bird and then productized it so elegantly.


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