A solution to a problem, not the other way around

A lot of  start-ups out there offering technology solutions  in search of problems.  We’ve worked with our share.  Some make it, many don’t. So it’s refreshing to work with companies that have problems to which they are applying technology solutions.

One such company is a customer of ours in Florida, BarMaxx.  They’re in the supply chain management business for liquor serving establishments. It turns out that such establishments–bars and restaurants–have a very real problem: shrinkage.  Which is industry-speak for booze that is poured but does not get paid for.  It’s a multi-billion dollar problem in search of a technology. BarMaxx has a solution  combining RFID technology with high precision load cells to identify the bottle being poured, calculating the quantity that was poured, and associated that with the POS system already in use.  Sounds tricky and it is, but the technology is sound, the benefits are large and the potential savings mind-numbing.

RFID-Radio Frequency Identification-technology has been around for a long time but breakthrough applications like this have been rare. Rare enough that BarMaxx has been nominated for Best Use of RFID to Enhance a Product or Service by the Seventh Annual RFID Journal Awards.  Better yet, BarMaxx is now a finalist in that category, along with Boeing and Parker-Hannifin.  Like people, companies are judged by the company (no pun intended, mostly) they keep, and that’s a pretty impressive crowd.

I wish we could take some credit for their success, but in truth we just started our engagement with them, helping them productize this great technology and take it to the next level. Hopefully including winning First Place at the big RFID show in May.  I’ll be there, rooting them on, and checking out potential vendors for the next generation, highly productized, implementation.  Which will hopefully win a few more awards, but more importantly, will solve real problems for real customers.

Cheers. Salut. Skål. Bottom’s up.


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  • The BarMaxx Blogger: Mike Kirner

    Thank you Zebulon Solutions for posting this story about BarMaxx and the multi-billion dollar problem that has been plaguing the hospitality niche for many decades. We are indeed pleased that we have been chosen to compete with such respected brands as Boeing, Parker- Hannifin and even Lufthansa in the upcoming RFID Awards, which take place April 30th through May 2nd.

    With your company’s help, our mission is to put billions of dollars back into the pockets of restaurant, bar and nightclub owners who have suffered from shrinkage for so long.

    The BarMaxx Blogger

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