The Colorado Capital Conference

Imagine pitching your startup business to a room filled with micro venture capitalists the size of a high school auditorium.  Quite the opportunity, right? Every year the Rockie’s Venture Club hosts the Colorado Capital Conference, giving eight lucky startups the opportunity to pitch their idea, company or product to a
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Zebulon Solutions CEO, Chuck Hodges, Featured on Podcast “Integrate and Ignite”

Our CEO, Chuck Hodges, was recently featured on the iTunes top rated Integrate and Ignite podcast. On the podcast, Chuck shares how Zebulon Solutions has helped companies make products manufacturing-ready and how Zebulon Solutions open and transparent approach benefits their clients. Listen now by clicking the banner or link above!

Technology Meets Education in Uganda

I work at Zebulon Solutions as a junior engineer. I’m the guy in the back of the lab who wields a soldering iron, tests hardware and makes sure the lab is tidy in the wee hours of the morning. I am also the founder of a tech ed startup called
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Manufacturing in Mexico, Part 1: Manufacturing Location Tradeoffs

Manufacturing in Mexico is suddenly a political hot potato of epic proportions, with implications to every company currently manufacturing in Mexico or contemplating a move to, or away from, Mexico. A 20% import tariff on goods made in Mexico could also disrupt supply chains globally and indirectly impact companies who
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Happy merry glad good blessed New Year

Happy merry glad good blessed New Year, and all that jazz. Another year has come and gone, which happens all to quickly these days. But for today at least, the sun is shining here in Colorado, the snow has melted, and we have that great hope of another fantastic and
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Get to know our Senior Operations Analyst, Jeffrey Heng

As some of you may already know, we’ve had the pleasure of adding Jeffrey Heng to the Zebulon Solutions team and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Jeff’s impressive background in business, industrial engineering and manufacturing makes him the perfect fit for not only our Director of Sales position, but also as
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