Case Studies

redflow picEnergy Storage: Clean-tech Battery

Contract manufacturer selection and qualification: Developed a documentation package and an RFQand then managed the RFQ process with tier 1 and 2 contract manufacturers

Manufacturing strategy assessment: Reviewed current manufacturing strategy, and developed a more optimized strategy, including insourcing and outsourcing


We Care Solar Suitcase

Requirements Definition: Defined the requirements for future generations of the Solar Suit-case

Redesign Support: identified several areas of the Solar Suitcase that could be simplified without requiring a full redesign and could be incorporated within the present assembly

Prototyping: Designed and built prototypes of the new elec-tronics for testing out the new fea-tures at the subsystem and sys-tem level

Cost Estimation: Created a manufacturing cost model that covered various options and potential annual volumes


 LinelampLine Light

Design Review: A careful and extensive design review revealed a need for changes in the design in order to optimize the product for manufacturing.

Process & Design Recommendations: Zebulon Solutions recommended a change in tube dimensions and suppliers, which would improve cost and assembly time

Scalable Manufacturing Process: Eliminated several time-consuming manufacturing steps and produced an impressive yield

Baby Product

  • Design Finalization:
  •  Optimized the design of a mechanical baby product for manufacturability and reliability, then generated all 3D and 3D drawings
  • Pre-Testing: Developed and implemented an extensive pre-test plan for safety and reliability following ASTM specifications
  • Tooling management: Qualified low cost Chinese tool vendor the managed the tool build through  first articles
  • Mechanism reverse engineering: Tore down latching mechanisms from several competing baby products

Medical Device

  • Proof of Concept prototyping: Designed and built a functional prototype of a novel medical device sensor

LED Lighting

  • Test Strategy Assessment: Reviewed the entire end to end test strategy, from the front end design for test methods to an on-site test audit of the contract manufacturer
  • DFx Analysis: Reviewed two LED driver PCBAs for manufacturability and suggested design changes to lower costs and improve reliability

Digital Touch Panel

  • Firmware Redesign: Redesigned the firmware suite for a critical algorithm for both functionality and compactness
  • Fractional Engineering Executive: VP Engineering on a half time basis with an 8000 mile commute, driving design for manufacturability changes, design finalization, and improved reliability

Sports Therapy Device

  • Independent Design Assessment: Reviewed a novel sports therapy device for cost, manufacturability and functionality and suggested changes to both mechanical and electrical implementations


  • DVT Spec generation: Developed a complete design validation test plan for a kiosk product

Satellite Internet

  • Supply chain assessment: Tore down 8 different satellite TV and internet products and provided a thorough assessment of the supply chains utilized

Inventory Management Hardware System

  • Fractional engineering executive: VP of Engineering on a quarter time basis driving the hardware and software engineering teams to complete the product development



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