The Colorado Capital Conference

Imagine pitching your startup business to a room filled with micro venture capitalists the size of a high school auditorium.  Quite the opportunity, right?

Every year the Rockie’s Venture Club hosts the Colorado Capital Conference, giving eight lucky startups the opportunity to pitch their idea, company or product to a room full of micro venture capitalists. More often than not, these Micro V.C.’s are looking for the next big idea to invest in. Without a doubt, there were some phenomenal pitches and companies with great ideas. We couldn’t have been more thrilled to be a sponsor! We look forward to seeing what innovative companies the RVC selects for the CCC next year.

Our Director of Business Development, Jeff Heng, ready to talk shop at the Zebulon Solutions booth the Colorado Capital Conference.

Rockies Venture Club President, Peter Adams, giving his welcome speech before the first round of pitches commence.

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