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  • Chris Lindenberger

    Hi; I am an instructor and I write curriculum for Front Range Community College in Longmont for their Machining technology program. I finished a sophomore level GD&T curriculum for them last year and recently they upended our program by requiring that our entire program be online, open source. I wrote all the instructor notes myself but the outline and quizzes were taken from the course text by Alex Krulikowski, which I now need to re-do from non-copyrighted materials. I am in the process of learning what to do and need to know if your material is open source or is it copyrighted.
    Thanks much, Chris Lindenberger

  • Chuck Hodges

    Hi Chris

    While the material on our website is copyrighted, email me if you have specific needs and we’ll see what we can do in terms of providing some open source material specific to your needs. Chuck at zebulonsolutions dot com

  • Roger Risner, KE

    I have installed automatic electric security gates for over 30-years and would like to start installing imports (single window imports) will be the thing of the future of my retirement projects. I retired December 30, 2016 but was pulled back in 13-days later for a few Air Port IBC/IFC/IPMC “Automated Vehicular Gate” UL325/ASTM F2200 installation standards and working more now than every (15 USC 2064(a) “Substantial product hazard” defined by CPSA and CPSIA of 2008 enforced by

    I am looking for evaluation help using “iAuditor” while training ISO 9001:2015 QMS “Risk-based Thinking” for manufacturer’s “Preventive Maintenance” LO/TO procedures for Machine Specific Policy.

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