Services 4

design11Product Design

Designing new products for cost, manufacturability and performance.

systems architecture ♦ electrical, firmware, mechanical and mechatronics design ♦ prototyping and design finalization

redesign11Product Redesign

Very often, Zebulon Solutions gets involved with redesigning a product that is already at least partially designed.  A lab prototype exists, or it may already be in production in low volumes.   Yet often these products need to be redesigned to lower costs, improve manufacturability, optimize the supply chain, or even functional improvements. We can assess the existing design or partial design, analyze it for manufacturability, testability and the like, and then suggest or even do redesign work to dial in the product and get it ready to smoothly ramp into volume manufacturing.  We also can do product design from scratch.

SC11Supply Chain Management 

Establishing and optimizing a complete supply chain, from components to contract manufacturing. 

supply chain strategy set-up and development ♦ contract manufacturer selection


Developing and implementing test strategies during design and in manufacturingIndustrialization.

test strategy ♦ design validation testing ♦ production test development




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