Here is what our customers are saying about us:

“I have worked with Zebulon Solutions on several projects and with two companies now.  I will continue to seek them out for projects, management, due diligence and pretty much wherever engineering is concerned.  Chuck Hodges, their CEO, has done wonders in saving my companies time and money and his straight forward and open communication makes working with him a pleasure.” John

“I have used Zebulon Solutions to help us with design reviews and DFMEA work. They are great to work with, and have been very helpful.” Ken

“I cannot say enough about the value of services and the highest caliper of expertise Zebulon Solutions provided. Their team of highly qualified personnel helped make any challenge we faced seem so easily resolved. I would never hesitate including them in the future.” Maureen

“The Board (of Directors) has developed a revised manufacturing strategy following a report from Zebulon Solutions, LLC, a specialist manufacturing consultant.” Chris

“Thanks to all of you I am sure we will end up with a great product. YAY YAY YAY” Clarice

 “We use Chuck’s firm a lot – he does what he says he’ll do……… every time.” Ron

“Good luck with the next project.  I think Zebulon Solutions rocks!!”  Semo

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