Even More Productization Definitions

Many thanks to the denizens of the LinkedIn group “Product Realization” and others who contributed alternative definitions:

12. “The act of modifying something, such as a concept or a tool internal to an organization, to make it suitable as a commercial product+, from Google (thanks Richard)

13. “Productization would be the process of taking a prototype or existing crude product and designing in all the details to ease manufacturability or lower costs. This process could also include any changes to make the product more sellable or appealing to the market” (thanks ed)

14. “Turning what you make or want to make into a safe, durable, as profitable as possible product that your target customer will want or need to buy.” (thanks Don)

15. “Applying the art and science of manufacturing to an item to make it consumable, profitable, and disposable.” (thanks Sandy)

All for now.  Have a great weekend and enjoy the last days of the Olympics (my favs: snow cross, bob-sledding, hockey of course and suprisingly figure skating, but only because a hometown girl did good (go Rachel Flatt!)).


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