Giving back

I’s not all about making money.  I spent this morning over at the local hospice (Shameless plug: HospiceCare or Boulder and Broomfield Counties does great work providing palliative care and grief support) helping them optimize their business systems for their fundraising division. We’ve been supporting them for three years now, not a lot of hours, but it makes a difference. We do this pro bono, which is a fancy term for no charge.  A way to give back to the community.  And while every charitable organization likes cash, in many cases sharing talents can be as or more valuable, and this is something nearly any business out there can offer. Marketing, legal, accounting and business skills are valuable but so are janitorial services, vehicle maintenance or air conditioning repair. Baked goods for grief counselling sections, pencils for the volunteers or resalable goods for the thrift shop are other donations that a hospice would love.  There are innumerable ways to help.

If every small business found one local charity who could use what they produce and offered it pro bono, in modest quantities that won’t break the bank, think of the difference this would make in our world.


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