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Lots of talk these days about great products, with said discussions usually including words like “gorgeous” or “sleek” or “great design” (or “Apple”).  But is form what defines a great design or function?

Me, I tend to think of products being great when they accomplish their purpose admirably, are superbly engineered.manufactured with high quality,  last forever, and reasonably priced for the function.  Looking good is nice but not  necessary, and many, many products that look great are terrible.

My three favorite products at the moment are my car, my razor and one coffee particular coffee mug.

  • My car is a 2008 Toyota Prius. It’s my favorite car ever, and I sold my Acura when I bought it. It is fun to drive, has good fit and finish (not an Acura, but nice), roomy, really does get outstanding gas mileage, and is just about the fastest thing on four wheels (that costs less than my first house)  from zero to 30 mph. Did I mention it’s fun to drive?
  • My razor is a Gillette Powerglide.  Honestly it’s not the razor that I’m impressed with, and certainly not the “power” part. It’s the blade.  Because I got this razor 10 months ago and I have yet to change the blade. Admittedly I have some facial hair, and I’ve been known to skip a Saturday or even a Tuesday now and again, but still I shave regularly .  On my other premium razors I go about 3 weeks on a blade; on this one I am at 15 times that.  I actually have no idea what the blades cost because I’m still using the freebie one that came with the razor.  And yes it gives a smooth, comfortable shave
  • I have a lot of coffee mugs. I drink a lot of coffee.  But I must admit that I have a Sunday mug, light blue with very nice, curved, Euro styling. A gimme mug from a company I used to work for.  I only use it on Sundays because I want it to last.  And yes this one is just about design.  But somehow the coffee tastes better.

I do own a lot of Apple products and while I like them, I  don’t worship them. Ditto for my Kindle, my 55″ TV, and my really big snowblower. The Xbox is fun, but even though I helped design it back in the day, it’s not a really great product.  I love our Subaru after a 10-inch snowfall, but the rest of the year it leaves me lacking. Our Australian built Breeze-Air  swamp cooler gets some kudos too, as it works like 10 times better than our old American brand, but  can’t truly say I love it. And so on.

What are your favorite products? And why?



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  • admin Post author

    Update: I actually changed that razor blade today. Made it 15 months on one blade. My wife asked if I needed more (blades)–I checked, I have 16 blades. At 1 1/4 years each that’s darn near a lifetime supply.

    So yes, the Gillette Powerglide is a GREAT PRODUCT.

  • Bruno

    Yes, I will agree this format is not extacly the ideal for a blog. But I prefer to keep the narrow column for content as I prefer to read text in this way and I have future plans for the right side of the blog. Thanks for your input though.

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