I productized our coffee pot today

I like coffee.  Some would say it’s from my  years of living in Sweden and drinking 6 mugs of Skånerost a day.  Some would say it’s because our office here at Zebulon Solutions is located above a roaster and we smell the fresh roasted coffee every day (shameless plug: www.mountainsedgecoffee.com). Regardless, when we set up shop here in Berthoud, we splurged on a nice coffee brewing system. Makes espresso, steams milk and makes a mean cup of regular coffee, thanks to a Swedish inspired cone filter system. And of course fresh roasted Ethiopian Harrar beans from Mountain’s Edge Coffee doesn’t hurt.

But today I productized our coffee pot .  Too bad the manufacturer didn’t do that first.  You see, while this fancy technology brews great coffee, there is one problem–the actual coffee pot, the carafe, is a dud.  It all has to do with the 5 cent plastic part on top–it was not designed right. The pour would always spill and the snap for the attachment pin was wrong and fixing to break. So this morning I took out our trusty Dremel and made a few modifications.  Now it pours fine.

The moral of this story is not to dremel out your post consumer products, rather that the manufacturer produced great technology but stumbled on turning it into a great product.

Gonna go pour myself another cup of Harrar.  From our modified coffee pot.


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