Independent Design Assessment

A second set of eyes on a product design—be it concepts, work in progress, or complete—can be invaluable.  Core design teams, no matter their experience or talent, can become too focused on the proverbial trees to see the forest.

Zebulon Solutions supports our customers by providing both outside experts to participate in the customers’ own reviews as well as conducts independent design reviews ranging from three hour preliminary reviews to month-long deep dives by a team of experts.

Real examples of independent design assessments conducted by Zebulon Solutions:

  • Industrial product:  identified and provided solutions for RF, sensor, and mechanical problems as well as identified major cost reduction opportunities
  • Water quality measurement system: identified areas for redesign and potential cost reduction
  • Consumer electronics product identified a number of areas of weakness including system design, tolerances, manufacturability, and firmware.  Provided detailed follow on services to fix.

    Independent Design Assessment

    Example of an Independent Design Assessment

Our preliminary independent design assessment offering:

Zebulon Solutions offers a preliminary version of the Independent Design Assessment at the fixed price of $3000, which includes the following:

  • Introductory call, to get our team up to speed on what the product is
  • Review of available documents
  • Face to face (Colorado customers only—web meeting otherwise) design assessment
    • Scale: 2-3 of our engineers for 3-4 hours
  • Follow-up discussions and questions
  • A simple report listing our findings and recommendations for the future

This is meant to be a first look and the depth of this design assessment will scale inversely with the complexity of the product. We’ll provide an honest assessment, be it good, bad or ugly, and suggest areas for further investigation, by the internal team, us, or 3rd party experts.



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