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  • Ghulam

    Hey First Props to the Simmons ladies wow, keep it going on invtiaonng fashion & business! How intelligent, Saavy, beautiful & business minded you both are. As a single mom, i’m looking desperately for 6 months now for the Run Athletics Shoe Store i thought you were all in NYC!?! I can’t find the store in NYC!!! I work 9-5 in a manhattan office where are you! Again, ladies keep up the good work you have been role models for my 12 yr. old daugher! Can’t think of anyone better! Where are the thin mints!!!! Since my 12 yr. old daughter is a girl scout, we have to have your shoe line! I’d like to thank you for considering the cost of this line; as I am a single mom & every penny counts!!!My daughter is so excited she can afford & wear your line. We are avid fans of the show, your family, your daddy back in the heyday and now! I have my daughter’s school hooked on Daddy’s music in the heyday!!! We watch the show all the time basically, it’s about the only good show on TV my daughter can watch!!! Can’t tell you how nice it is to watch your great family show. Pls. provide the Run Athletic store address. Called information in NYC they have no listing, no clue of the store. Thanks ever so much. Barbara Torres

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