Let there be light–in the operating room

Light is something we take for granted.  Flip a switch, light comes on.  And when we go to see the doctor or are lying on the operating room table, light will be there.  Hospitals have backup solutions and backup backup solutions.

Unfortunately this is not the case everywhere.  In many villages in Africa, doctors and midwives are bringing babies into the world using flashlights and even cellphones as their only source of light.  Yes, cell phones.

We have the extremely good fortune to be working with a non-profit company that is doing something about this.  We Care Solar has developed a solar suitcase that will allow off-grid maternity clinics in Africa to have minimal lighting from ultra high efficiency LED lamps as well as a little power to spare for luxuries like charging those cell phones and batteries for flashlights.  A terrific example of how a little technology can make a huge difference.  Here at Zebulon Solutions we’re excited to be able to help out on productization so that We Care Solar can ship a lot more Solar Suitcases to clinics around the world.

More to come.


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