Marketing to manufacturing

When Chuck told us that we were going to do some light system integration, I was excited.  It was a chance for Zebulon Solutions to practice what it preaches on manufacturing.  But when Chuck told me that everyone would need to help out on the line, well, that was something a little different. I feared I was expected to build a scale in its entirety and my skills in marketing would be rendered useless for the next two weeks. For a moment, I panicked, quickly trying to channel my high school Shop and Electronics classes from over ten years ago.  I was relieved to find that I was wrong on both accounts.

Chuck informed me that I would be only a small part of an entire assembly crew. I let out a sigh of relief. But what about marketing? Chuck assured me that I would be able to gather more than enough marketing collateral throughout the assembly experience. After careful instruction and a safety meeting, I was ready to go to work.

We only had two weeks to ship over two hundred scale systems to two different sites, including one in Canada, with only a staff of six people. Every person had a specific job; everyone pitched in, including Chuck. And me.

My part of the process needed both attention to detail and careful application. It was also crucial to use time efficiently and effectively, and we did. By converting our small lab into functioning assembly line, we knew we would be able to complete each task in a timely fashion.

Perhaps my specific task didn’t require as much attention to detail as it did adhesive, unlike everyone else’s job. I sprayed, glued, and unglued specific parts of the scale to ensure quality and longevity of the overall product itself. I realized without this small step, the product wouldn’t function at its highest capacity. From time to time, while I was waiting for adhesive to dry, I would look around at my colleagues. Each person was engulfed by his or her individual tasks of assembly, soldering, testing and packaging. I realized building a product from scratch is no easy task. I had a new found respect for manufacturers everywhere.

As of last week, we successfully completed our system integration build, on time. Even though I wasn’t updating our Facebook with the latest in manufacturing news or researching the industry unceasingly, I have a firsthand account of what it’s like to be apart of the manufacturing process. I firmly believe this experience is a far more useful marketing tool than simply reading about it in a whitepaper or a textbook.

So yes, Chuck, you were right. Here’s your marketing collateral, or at least the first installment (I have lots more)!



Marketing and manufacturing

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