Mechanical Design

Zebulon Solutions has deep and broad experience in mechanical design, from enclosures to robotics to vehicular systems. We’ve designed everything from gears and motors to high reliability enclosures, from hinges on products for babies to sensors on products for hospital patients.  Not saying that we’re experts on everything, far from it, but can cover a lot of ground. And we’re especially skilled at adding the structural, the manufacturable, and the functional beneath the beautiful veneer.

Mechanical design services

As with all of our design services, we can do both original design and redesign, and we also apply our mechanical skills to test fixtures and process optimization.  As with electrical design, we have a special aptitude for the weird stuff.  Being experts on productization, we also excel in designing for manufacturing and in cost reduction redesigns.  Some mechanical tasks we’re good at include:

  • Concept Drawings
  • 2D and 3D CAD
  • Part breakout and stack up
  • Material and Component Selection
  • Stress analysis and testing
  • Sensor design and testing
  • Electromechanical design
  • Mechanical test systems and fixture development
  • Thermal Analysis

And of course the ultimate design hybrid, Mechatronics.

2D drawings

Everyone likes to do 3D CAD. No one likes to create the 2D drawings from the 3D CAD that are necessary for manufacturing, testing and quality assurance. Almost no one—we like it.  A high percentage of our mechanical design work is actually the grunt work after the 3D CAD is complete.  This includes not only creating the 2D drawings, but toleranceing them out properly for QA and test.

Designing for moldability and assembly

A subset of our DFx offering, we do a lot of work in designing for moldability and for assembly.  Like with 2D drawings, this is the grunt work that needs to get done after the glorious 3D CAD is completed.  Plastic parts need draft added to be able to come out of a mold, and often times subtle changes are needed so that the part can even be tooled.  Designing for assembly has a major impact on manufacturing yields and costs.

Sensor design and testing

Sensor design is a great example of the power of our combined electrical and mechanical skills.  We can design or spec the actual sensor, mount it properly, set up the electronics to measure the sensor outputs, and then test the ___ out of it.  Examples include:

  • Pressure transducers
  • Load cells
  • Motion sensors

Electronics enclosures

Every electronics system needs an enclosure.  Plastics or sheet metal, castings or molded magnesium, we’ve done ‘em all.  We specialize in enclosures that have special environmental requirements such as moisture or dust ingress, as well as rugged plastics. And not only can we do the design, we can also do the testing.

Children and baby product design

A new area for us, but we’ve done a large number of projects in this space in the past couple of years and it’s quickly become a power niche for us.  Not so much related to market understanding or what makes a toy fun, but rather about how to design a product that is rugged and safe, and that meets the reams of specifications for such products.  Which is not to say that we’re safety experts either—we’re not—but we know when to get specialist help from certified labs that specialize in these same products.

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