More Productization Definitions

This has been the hot topic the last few weeks, both in the ether and also at the NoCo Entre meetup earlier this week (see previous blog) where we got some lively feedback on the topic.  Here’s a list of productization definitions (or product realization) some more tongue in cheek than others:

  1. Turning R&D projects into manufacturable products
  2. Taking a concept and turning it into a production stable product
  3. Turning a science project into a real product
  4. Turning nearly done into done done
  5. What still needs to be finished after R&D says its done
  6. The gap between design and manufacturing
  7. The design phase is usually where 80% of the product development effort is typically spent. The final industrialization phase is where 80% of the problems typically occur. Productization is what is done to remedy this imbalance.
  8. Make stuff work
  9. The art of taking products from nearly done to really done
  10. The remaining 80% of the product development effort after design says a product is finished…
  11. “No results found for productization: Did you mean predigestion?” (

Other definitions? What do you think?


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  • Richard

    If you google “productization definition” you get: “The act of modifying something, such as a concept or a tool internal to an organization, to make it suitable as a commercial product”

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