Never not saved a customer money

Our new marketing maven, Steph (meet Steph, our new marketing maven), asked me that if it’s truly the case that every design assessment we’ve ever done for a customer has saved that customer more money than we charged, why the ___ don’t we tell people that?

So here it is: “We’ve never not saved a customer money on an independent design assessment.”  You can quote me on that, Steph. Yes, I know that Mrs. Gant, my 12th grade English teacher, would have been appalled by the double negative, but this is Engineering not English Lit.  Yet it is a  true statement, and she did like honest writing.  Every time we have done an Independent Design Assessment, ever, during our four plus years of existence, we have indeed identified immediate costs savings in excess of what we charge (typically a few thousand bucks).  Usually a lot more.

Honestly, and please don’t tell anyone, but it’s actually not that tough.  We’re not superhumans and we don’t have crystal balls, but we do have the outsiders advantage of being able to see the forest for the trees (or bark).  So the first few hours we look at something we can’t help but find things that world-class engineering teams have stared at for months.  It’s human nature.

Give us a design to look over.  We’ll quote you a modest price to do an assessment, and we’ll find you those savings.


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