Northern Colorado entrepreneurs help us refine Productization

Keith and I had the privilege of presenting Zebulon Solutions to a large group of entrepreneurs at the Northern Colorado Entrepreneurs Network’s (NoCo Entre) monthly meetup in Fort Collins last night.

NoCo Entre is the brainchild of Peter Olins and Patrick Gill, and offers a unique format where feedback from the audience to the presenters is the main event, not just presenters pushing a pitch down a snoozing audience’s collective throat.  We were challenged by Peter to close our short pitch with a list of specific areas where we needed help.  We listed 4 topics but the ones that caught everyone’s attention were basically “what is productization?” and “how do we get the word out on productization?”

There was a lively discussion on the term productization–not a word that trips fluidly off the lips; not a 21st century marketing sound bite; and frankly not a word people are used to hearing.  Of course it’s perhaps better than staid alternatives like product realization or industrialization.  Some though we should punt and just talk about product development; some thought we should stick to our guns and press on with defining productization.  There were suggestions that we should: buy web properties surrounding this space; rename the company to something racier;  publish a white paper on productization; write a catchy elevator pitch; overhaul our web site; talk to our elected representatives and solicit their help; and work on PR.  All interesting ideas.  We’ll be chewing on these ideas over the next few weeks for sure. Other suggestions welcome too.

I’ll blog soon on more productization definitions.

Thanks again to Peter and Patrick, and to all the attendees for their support and suggestions.  Entrepreneurialism is alive and well in Northern Colorado.


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