On doing business the old-fashioned way

On Zebulon Solutions’s corporate masthead we refer to ourselves as “An Old-Fashioned Company Providing Modern Productization Solutions.”  It’s actually something we take pretty seriously, even though we take some grief from time to time on it.  Being old-fashioned doesn’t mean we’re not up on the latest technologies nor does it mean we yearn for the vile days before civil rights.  In fact our lab is stocked with modern instruments, we use the latest design and CAD tools, and our clients and suppliers, friends and supporters, cut a broad, extremely diverse swath.

But to us, its how we do business that is old fashioned.  We believe in substance over sound bites, so our web site contains a lot of words and data, not just pretty pictures and marketing quips.  We believe that a handshake matters as much a sa contract, although we also believe that its important to capture in writing, via contract or statement of work, what exactly we are committing to and what we expect in return.  We hate the modern practice of vendor abuse: we treat our vendors squarely and we pay on time within the agree upon terms, always.  We treat our customers with respect and understand that our business by its very nature is dynamic and changing, and we need to be able to adjust.

While we pride ourselves on having a great breadth of experience that enables us to tackle a broad spectrum of engagements, we also know that its best to say no when a project is out of our league or if we’re overbooked.  Which is not to say we won’t still make mistakes or even get in over our heads now and again, but we’ll fess up to our sins if we do and work to make it right. And we avoid like the plague those promise whatever just to get the money opportunities that some companies thrive on.

There’s a price to pay for this approach, but we accept that.  We likely won’t get filthy rich on the next great bubble, and we won’t be able to finance our growth on the backs of unintentional creditors.

And we enjoy doing business with like-minded companies and individuals.  You know who you are.  Thanks for all your support.

Happy holidays and all that jazz.



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  • David

    Thanks again Louis,I’m glad to be of service and rlleay enjoy helping others, as I know what it feels like to have PC issues (especially when it’s our life-line) and be stuck, having to spend hours looking for online solutions.Please share your results with everyone you know, as I’m always amazed at how many need help with their PC (and just deal with whatever problems they’re having, not knowing how to fix it).All the best,Stewart

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