On lagom and seeking the proper balance

The best word I know in any language is a Swedish word, lagom.  Basically doesn’t translate well to English but more or less means “just right.” In the sense of not too much, not too little, kind of a Goldilocks type concept.  To me lagom means seeking the proper balance, finding the right solution that is a proper compromise between all competing factors.  We at Zebulon Solutions are currently in the progress of preparing a DVT and production quality plan–spanning DFMEAs, DVT testing, production test development and supply chain quality plan–for a customer.  This customer is a late stage start-up, so well beyond the idea in a garage but still a start-up.  Frankly our first internal pass at defining this production quality plan was detailed, well thought out, and all in all really excellent–for a much bigger customer.  But it was anything but lagom for our start-up customer.

So we’re back to the proverbial drawing board (OK, no one uses drawing boards, or even drafting tables for that matter, any more–its all on PowerPoint) to try to right size this plan for the needs of our customer.  It still needs to be detailed and well thought out, but needs to be tailored like a Nathan Road suit, not off the rack from everyone’s least favorite mass retailer.  We’re working on it.

For more on lagom, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagom.

For more on productization (warning, shameless plug) see http://zebulonsolutions.com

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  • Chuck

    Oddly enough “lagom” came up again yesterday, this time in the context of industrial design. We had introduced a couple of local ID houses, the creative types who help with true design, to a clean-tech client. The end product is a piece of industrial equipment so the goal on the ID side is to do just enough ID work to enhance the brand without overkilling on a piece of equopment that will never see the sun. Lagom.

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  • Jorge

    I gave a goat last year in memory of my fahter. It’s odd because I don’t eat meat (except fish). But I somehow feel that that goat would get a better life in a country like Africa than it would here (North America). It would make a major difference in someone’s life there, as opposed to just providing some cheese for our salads here.

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