Riding the bow wave

Riding the bow wave is not just for dolphins. People do it, as do companies. Jump on a bow wave and one gets to surf at high speed without actually having to swim.  The boat does the work; the surfer gets the thrill and, as is the case with these two dolphins, the photo op. But, someone needs to still drive the boat, crew the boat, fuel the boat, maintain the boat. Heck, someone needs to have designed, manufactured and tested the boat.  All of this takes work.

Companies love riding a great bow wave too.  Hit upon a hot trend and milk it for whatever profits there are.  But we need to remember that as an industry, there is no bow wave without the boat.   We  need  to recognize the contributions of all of those who build a market, build an infrastructure, build an industry.

And if you do have the good fortune to catch a free ride on a bow wave, remember to give back.



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