Searching for productization

Try searching for the term “productization” on the web.  I did, and I didn’t find much. didn’t know the term; the web site is for sale, and of all things a translation to Russian showed up on the first page of a Google search.  I did find an abstract for a thesis from a Finnish grad student researching the linguistic origins of the word “productization”–interesting stuff but the full thesis wasn’t posted. did have a definition, which is actually quite good: “The act of modifying something, such as a concept or a tool internal to an organization, to make it suitable as a commercial product”

So for those of us who always have thought that productization is an unappreciated art–yup, looks like that’s true.  So let’s do something to change that; to bring productization up into the light of day, to show the world why it pays to not neglect productization during product design and development.


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