Sensors Are Us

Had a chat with a customer today about designing electronics for use with sensors.  Something we actually do a lot of and have developed a bit of a specialty in.

While the anatomy of the actual sensors differ widely, the circuits–and firmware–to convert the tiny electrical signals coming out of the sensor into meaningful data tend to have many common requirements:

  • Providing stable, low noise bias to the sensors
  • Differentiating very small signals from noise
  • Preamplification of very low level signals
  • Converting amplified analog signals to digital
  • Signal processing, in either the analog or digital domains, or both
Over the years we worked with a wide variety of sensors:
  • Light sensors, both visible and IR
  • Electrochemical sensors
  • Pressure piezoresistive sensors and load cells
  • Temperature sensors
  • Gyros and accelerometers
Sensor applications which we have worked on are equally diverse:
  • Pressure ulcer monitoring devices
  • Electrophoretic instrumentation
  • Leak detectors
  • Thermal test systems
  • Liquor inventory management systems
  • Fitness monitors
  • Blood glucose measurement devices
  • Lighting control systems
Of course the possible applications for sensors are virtually  limitless, so hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to develop electronics to monitor an even wider variety.

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