Product Industrialization

Industrialization encompasses a broad set of back end task that are unglamorous but necessary for a successful production launch, including design validation testing, production test development, tooling and all manner of supply chain development and optimization activities.

Industrialization isĀ setting up the production infrastructure, processes and equipment to enable the successful launch of a new product concept and turning it into a production stable product.

The design phase is where 80% of the effort is typically budgeted

The final industrialization phase is where 80% of the problems typically occur.

While industrialization is commonly viewed as the back end of the product development life cycle, it needs to start at the same time as the design.

Supply Chain Development

  • Optimize the design for the supply chain
  • Generate a clean BOM (Bill of Materials)/AVL (Approved Vendor List)
  • Set up supply chain, including key vendors and manufacturers

Production Test Development

  • Generate the test strategy and plan
  • Develop test processes, fixtures, equipment and software
  • Transfer test systems and processes to the factory floor

Process Development

  • Develop manufacturing process
  • Manage tool design, manufacture and validation
  • Design and build custom manufacturing fixtures and equipment
  • Manage prototype and pre-production runs with post-build analysis for yield improvement

Design Validation Testing

  • Establish design validation test plan
  • Conduct pretesting
  • Manage design validation and regulatory testing
  • Analyze the results


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