Stir, stir, stir the pot

Stir, stir, stir the pot….

Like the old children’s song, sung in rounds, sometimes it’s our role as consultants (about 25% of our business falls in the consulting category, either as technical advisers or fractional executives) to stir the proverbial pot.   Not that we like trouble or want to irritate our customers, but as consultants we’re basically paid to call it like we see it, and more importantly, to be instruments of change.  No customer who had everything going swimmingly, pun intended, as ever hired us in a consulting role.

Stirring the pot is tricky, because we also are keenly aware that we don’t know everything (yes, you heard me right), even about productization.  And we never have the luxury of learning the ropes for two years before being called upon to act decisively.  More like two hours.  But we can shine light in dark places and fan the flames (and yes I am mixing my metaphors).  So we do.

While it should be noted that the next word in the original ditty is gently, sometimes the pot needs more than stirring–sometimes we have to throw a grenade in and duck.   But not all that often, thankfully.


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