Systems Design

Systems Design

Much of Zebulon Solutions system level design work is focused on optimization at a system level, which often requires both different skill sets and even different conclusions that simple board level design and optimization.  And system design can span many functional areas, including mechanical, software and aspects of diverse disciplines such as plumbing or control theory.  While we often do not have the specific domain knowledge in all the arcane specialty areas, we can provide the glue to pull these complex systems together.

Important aspects of systems design include:

  • Systems Architecture
  • Requirements Capture
  • Solution Ideation
  • Cross Functional Engineering Coordination
  • System Specification Generation

Electronics systems

More complex electronics often require multiple PCBAs, back and mid planes, and other interconnection both at the hardware and software levels.  These systems are often a mix of custom and off the shelf boards and subsystems.  Zebulon Solutions can take on specific subsystem or system level design authority and / or help with the complex system definition and trade off analysis that is needed to produce function, manufacturing and cost optimized systems.

Mechatronics systems

Much of the systems design work that we do can be categorized under the general heading of mechatronics—the intersection of electrical and mechanical design.  While robotics is the poster child for mechatronics, and we have done some work in that space, mechatronics covers a broad swatch of electromechanical  systems, from vehicles to motion control to toys.

We have worked on a number of mechatronics projects including:

  • Robotic disk storage system
  • Vibrating baby products and tp0ys
  • Electric bikes
  • Scales
  • Flow batteries

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