Teardown report: BUC

Yup, we tore down a BUC.  If you don’t know what a BUC is, rest assured you’re not alone.  BUC is shorthand for a Block Up Convertor used in satellite communications.


Basically the BUC is the means for a ground station to talk to a satellite 36,000 kilometers above the Earth.  This entails a lot of power, which explains the bulky cast aluminum heat sink that encases the BUC.  The 14 GHz operation puts this product into the domain of heavy duty RF engineering as well, entailing sophisticated circuitry and extreme care to layout.

That said, we didn’t have to design this, we’re just trying to see what makes it tick, so to speak.  And how it’s made, what its supply chain might be.  Plus it’s fun to rip apart such heavy duty stuff.  OK, no ripping here, just a lot of unscrewing (51 screws by our count).  For full details see our BUC Teardown Report.

Of course most of our teardowns aren’t just for fun, there is a purpose.  We recently tore down a slew of consumer products to look at moisture and dust sealing; we’ve torn apart baby products looking at hinge construction; and we’ve torn apart a slew of solar LED lighting products, looking for best practices for performance and costs.  Not to mention a detailed teardown of seven more of BUC’s Ku and Ka band cousins.

We design, we test, we break things. Got something you wanna have ripped open (carefully)?  Give us a shout.


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