The 3rd G

We have a customer that has a product with some tough design problems yet to be solved.  We’ve had a task force looking at this and identified two problem areas which for reasons I won’t explain in any detail here (for reasons of confidentiality) we’ve taken to calling “Gates and Gaps.”  But there is some other issue, some phenomenon, some quirk of physics, that we have not yet been able to identify.  This issue is haviong a major impact on meeting requirements, yet we can’t nail it down. So we are calling it the “3rd G”–there is even a bounty (to be paid in beer) if someone can both identify this issue and give it a name that starts with the letter G.

Of course for the other 99.999%  the product space the issues have other names, but many companies / products have that missing “3rd G.” Might be a design flaw, a unsquashable software bug, a productization roadblock or a test escape.  It often takes a dedicated task force to find that 3rd G.  Sometimes finding the 3rd G is just peeling a layer ofthe onion; but sometimes you find a Rossetta Stone once identified helps solve multiple mysteries.

Anyone else have a 3rd G story?


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