The chasm analogy

Been thinking a lot about productization lately (okay, been doing a lot of productization lately).  Up until now I’ve been using the brick wall analogy to describe what productization is–you know, helping companies get past the complete the design and throw it over the wall to manufacturing issue.  Been there, done that, doesn’t work.

But perhaps a better analogy is that product development is a ramp, bumpy to say the least, but there is this unmarked chasm right near the end of design just as you can clearly see manufacturing (and customer revenue) nirvana.  Some never see it coming; some hit the accelerator and try to jump it, Evil Knievel style.  Some slow down to a stop, get out and search for a path.  Some panic. 

Of course a few smart productization engineers would have had the foresight to have built a bridge…


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