The productization business

We had several folks tell us in the past week “You guys have a good business model”, meaning our productization services business.  And while praise of any sort is always heartening for a business, this was doubly so because productization is often the neglected stepchild of Father Design and Mother Manufacturing.  So honestly we sometimes question ourselves on this–do we have a niche that is too small and obscure?

Our first public presentation back when we first started was to a local entrepreneurial meetup where several marketing mavens told us that we needed to abandon productization–no one knows what it is.  And while we still sometimes get that “tell me again what it is that you do,” both the terminology and the actual productization service seem to be gaining ground.  We get a lot more head nods these days, and frankly more POs (thanks to all your loyal customers), and increasingly, more repeat business (double thanks!).  So maybe, just maybe, we’re on to something with this productization business of ours.



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