The productization chasm

Commercialization is a hot term these days for entrepreneurs, for technologists, and for investors.  Commercialization bridges innovation and production.  Nearly every TTO, every B-school, every business plan even, show a graph like this:

What every business plan shows

However, in the real world, the situation is more like:

What all too often happens

Somewhere between hey-my-design-works and the nirvana of stable volume production, complications arise in terms of turning that nifty technology into a manufacturing ready product. This is the Productization Chasm that we have blogged about previously.  It’s tough to spot but easy to fall into. There is no magic solution to avoiding this chasm, although  good first step is recognition that productization–turning that technology into a product–is hard work.

Productization needs to be planned and budgeted for, it needs to be resourced and managed , and the productization plan needs to be executed with skill and precision.  It is not enough for a product to look good and function: it needs to be optimized for manufacturing; it needs a well thought-out supply chain; it needs to be cost effective to produce.  Likewise manufacturing details like setting up that well thought-out supply chain, test development, tooling, and process optimization need to be worked out before throwing a design over the wall.

Don’t fall into the productization chasm.



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