Tooling Support

Tool 5 x 3Zebulon Solutions can provide expert support for local and offshore tooling for mechanical components.  Our expertise includes all manner of plastic molding—injection molding, rotomolding, thermoforming, compression molding—as well castings and advanced technologies like thixo-moldng (magnesium).  We can support the identification and qualification of the tool shop, review tool designs and provide tooling engineering expertise, and manage the tool build.  This is especially important when using lower cost tool shops in places like China, where great tools can be made at low prices, but only if very carefully managed.

Tooling support examples:

  • Pre-tooling design review
    • DFM
      •  Review part designs for manufacturability
  • Suggest modifications for tooling / molding based on
    • Part function
    • Cosmetic requirements
    • Part environment
    • Molding / processing
    • Tooling engineering
      • Set tooling requirements for part production
        • Type / Class of tooling: Aluminum, P-20 or Hardened Steel
        • # of cavities
  • Review tool  designs
  • MoldFlow part analysis
  • Program management of tool builds
    • Monitor progress vs. proposed timeline
    • Drive to completion
    • Set qualification requirements for tooling approval

Molding supply chain:

Zebulon Solutions can also provide supply chain support to review and qualify potential molders and casters (often not the same vendors as toolmakers) including:

  • Site visits
  • Qualification criteria
  • Report on viability of suppliers

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