What business is about

At its core, making money is what business is about.   So whenever your boss asks you to do something–be it write a proposal, investigate a merger, update the web site or whatever–just assume that she / he added at the end of the request “…and make money.”  Profits are the responsibility of the entire organization–not just the sales team or the manufacturing VP or the P&L manager.

This is not to demean other worthy “wins” like social responsibility and the sustainability, but without profits there is no business (* non profit organizations are only slightly different in that they need to break even only, but losing money is still not OK). In fact if you are looking into the carbon emissions aspects of a project for example, again append “… and make money” to your thought process.

Try it out–just append that statement in your mind when you’re reading the email with the action items in it, or however  requests / orders / requirements are transmitted in your organization.

What do you think?


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  • Kerstin

    I appreciate the reimednr that rather than complain when things change in unhappy ways, its right to be thankful that they did something well for so long, and look for the new opportunities to carry on that are given to us. This post was good to read today. Thanks!

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