What do we do? Productization.

A prospective customer asked me early on, right after we started Zebulon Solutions, “What do you do?” I started to talk about product development and he jumped in with, “So you’re an R&D company.” I thought about this for a second then responded, with a laugh, “No, we’re the folks that come in after the R&D company says they’re done and do the remaining 80% of the work needed to get a product into production.” A little trite, with enough sarcasm to keep old Zeb chortling, and of course we do also do product design and other R&D type activities, but there is a kernel of truth in this.  Productization, which is our core focus, is in factall the oft neglected, un sexy, often dirty work that needs to be done to turn technologies into real products.

More on this to come. Lots more.

Chuck Hodges

Grand Poobah of Productization, at least for today

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