Win, show, place

At least when it comes to our home turf, we seem to know our supply base.

Recently, one of our long-term customers asked us for a few recommendations on Colorado based electronics contract manufacturers. We talked briefly, he described what he was looking for, and then I sent him a short email listing out, in order, our top three recommendations.  A freebee, but they’ve been a good customer, see above.  A few weeks later I talked with him again, only to find that he had been researching Colorado basedcontract manufacturers, had comeupwith list of nineteen, and had been contacting them all witha  short survey. Pleased to see that our three recommendationswere at least on his list, I didn’t think much about it. He stopped by our office for a cup of joe between visits–drive by audits he called them–of 8 or 9 shops that they had shortlisted (this is one very thorough guy).  Last week we chatted briefly and I asked how all the visits went.  As usual, he said there were some good and some bad, and some that just weren’t  a fit.

“Who are your top picks?” I asked.  He then detailed his top three, in order  Number one was our top recommendation, he had our number three at number two (they show well but tend to be a little expensive), and our number two as his number three.  Then we had a good laugh.  Win, show, place. I can live with that.




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    OK, now it’s Win, Place, Show. At the final evaluation our customer adjusted their rankings so that they matched ours and then selected our original first place recommendation.

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