Zebulon Solutions acquires Technical Mandala

Our first acquisition, and it’s a great one.  We announced today that Zebulon Solutions has completed the acquisition of Technical Mandala, an embedded systems design house based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Technical Mandala has been providing product design services to North American industrial and  instrumentation OEMs for over 12 years.  Their primary expertise is in developing and testing embedded systems:  mixed signal circuit design, PCB layout, electromechanical design, and firmware development.  Past and current clients include Redwood Microsystems, Gradient, DeltaNu and Advanced Microlabs. Todd Hochwitz, the founder and CEO of Technical Mandala, has joined Zebulon Solutions as a principal engineer and also as a partner in the firm.  We first met Todd a couple of years back when both firms were doing work for a common customer, and we’ve used Technical Mandala as  a subcontractor on a number of successful projects since then.  We have already completed the merger of operations into our Berthoud, Colorado lab, and have together developed some new business as well.

We’ve added a page on Technical Mandala on our web site already and details on the acquisition can be found on our press release. More soon. Expect great things from Todd, this acquisition, and Zebulon Solutions in the future.


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