Our experienced team of executives, engineers, technicians and supply chain experts take an integrated and data-driven approach to optimize your product’s cost and manufacturability.

Zebulon Solutions offers an integrated suite of product design, supply chain development, and operations consulting services. We provide both strategic vision as well as tactical execution to get your products out of R&D and into stable manufacturing. Our team is experienced, innovative, and has put hundreds of products successfully into manufacturing. We execute projects efficiently, plan for contingencies, and pivot quickly when changes occur. As a result, we can get your product into manufacturing in less time and at lower costs than our competitors.

When you’re ready to make your product manufacturing-ready, call us.

Zebulon Solutions’ integrated services support your entire product development cycle.

Product Design

A manufacturable product starts with design. Zebulon Solutions’ integrated approach combines electrical, mechanical, software and system design with world-class DFM (Design for Manufacturability). We can begin with a sketch or dial in an almost-ready design. In either case, your product will meet functional, reliability and cost goals.

And we love doing cost reductions and redesigns too.

Supply Chain

They’re called supply chains for a reason—not independent suppliers, but virtually linked chains that extend from design through reverse logistics, raw materials to system integration. We develop your ideal supply chain and implement it, from contract manufacturer searches to process validation. We also provide manufacturing, test and industrial engineering support.

We’ll help you balance tradeoffs between onshore and offshore, costs and reliability, logistics and lead times.

Operations Consulting

Our operations experts keep project execution aligned with your business needs. For select customers, Zebulon Solutions’ experienced team provides a fractional COO, CTO, or other operations/engineering executives. You gain the benefit of our expertise at a substantial discount to the cost of a full-time executive. We also provide outsourcing strategy development, build vs buy analysis, and independent assessments of current supply chains and manufacturing strategies.

We’ve put hundreds of products into manufacturing—trust us to develop a strategy for yours.

Find out how to lower your costs.

Cost Optimization

Reducing business costs keeps you profitable and competitive in your market. Every service Zebulon Solutions performs targets cost optimization. There are tradeoffs to be sure, it’s important to balance the costs of schedule slips versus the product cost, development cost versus warranty liabilities. We’ll help you drive these costs down while keeping an eye on risks and return on investment.

Lock down your product cost with Zebulon Solutions’ integrated product design, supply chain and operations consulting services

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