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Zebulon Solutions has been making products manufacturing-ready since 2009. Our expertise helps our customers get their products out of the lab and into stable, volume manufacturing. We optimize our customer’s product for manufacturing and optimize manufacturing for their products. Zebulon Solutions’ veteran team–we average 20+ years of industry experience–has put hundreds of new products into manufacturing around the globe. We are experts at working through complex tradeoff situations where it’s not as easy as just price and delivery. Leveraging our engineering resources as well as our manufacturing expertise, we’ve developed all manner of products, from highly-miniaturized wearables to medical devices to 4000-pound smart transformers.


With more challenges facing offshore manufacturing, are you considering reshoring?

Manufacturing  Expertise
We’ve put hundreds of products into manufacturing around the world.
We average over twenty years of experience. Been there, done that.
We tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear.
Integrated  Approach
We integrate design and operations to get your product into manufacturing.

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Our experienced team of executives, engineers, technicians and supply chain experts take an integrated and data-driven approach to optimize your product’s cost and manufacturability.

Zebulon Solutions offers an integrated suite of product design, supply chain development, and operations consulting services. We provide both strategic vision as well as tactical execution to get your products out of R&D and into stable manufacturing. Our team is experienced, innovative, and has put hundreds of products successfully into manufacturing. We execute projects efficiently, plan for contingencies, and pivot quickly when changes occur. As a result, we can get your product into manufacturing in less time and at lower costs than our competitors.

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Brent Moellenberg

“As a non-profit organization, We Care Solar constantly has to keep close tabs on our expenditures. Over the past few years of working with Zebulon Solutions, they’ve always gone out of their way to understand our non-conventional design requirements – presenting us with solutions which are not only robust and well thought through, but also within our limited budget. They’ve been invaluable not only as a design partner, but also as a firm which remembers that the end goal is an affordable and manufacturable product.” www.wecaresolar.org

Director of Engineering
We Care Solar

Dr. Thomas Reilly

“Access Sensor Technologies has been engaged with Zebulon Solutions since 2014 and wholeheartedly endorses their experienced team for electronic design, prototyping, and selection of manufacturing vendors. We think of Zebulon Solutions as a long-term development partner who has always been responsive and thorough. Their decades of experience provide invaluable guidance in developing products that are manufacturable, supportable and scalable, all the while balancing costs.” www.accsensors.com

Chief Scientific Officer
Access Sensor Technologies

Jeremy Swanner

“Zebulon Solutions was instrumental in assisting the launch of RLE Technologies’ most significant new product in over 10 years: WiNG, our wireless environmental monitoring solution for critical facilities. WiNG couldn’t have launched in the time frame it did without their expertise and support. We were impressed with Zebulon Solutions’ responsiveness, the efficiency with which they tackled problems, their direct communications, and their clearly-outlined goals. Zebulon Solutions’ level of professionalism was incredible. We look forward to working with them on future projects.” www.rletech.com

RLE Technologies

TJ Linzy

“Zebulon Solutions has been the best outside engineering firm I’ve ever used. They are highly responsive, very detailed — they are very good at working with outside vendors. They are our trusted vendor and we could not have done this without them. We’re very, very happy with them and they are someone we want to tell the world about.” www.yesenergy.com

Vice President of Fleet Operations
Yes Energy

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