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teamOur services include both technical and management services, all geared toward helping our customers get their products off of the proverbial drawing board and into production. We can develop the processes you need; help you manage the team or program; and / or do the heavy lifting on the engineering side to make it happen.

What's New at Zebulon Solutions?

From Prototyping to Production: How to Balance Speed, Scale & Qualitymore

Find out what it takes to get your product into manufacturing from start to finish and how to find the delicate balance of speed, scale and quality throughout the process. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SLIDE SHOW

Topic of the Month: Product Redesign

Product Redesignmore

Very often, Zebulon Solutions’ Product Redesign services are involved with redesigning a product that is already at least partially designed.  A lab prototype exists, or it may already be in production in low volumes.   Yet often these products need to be redesigned to lower costs, improve manufacturability, optimize the supply
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We design. We test. We break things.


Learning the Trade Show Circuit

Over the last couple of weeks, Zebulon Solutions has made a couple of “first appearances” at local trade shows. Which ones you ask? Made in Colorado Manufacturing Forum at the McNichols Building in Civic Center Park in Denver was our first appearance ever at a trade show. This was a
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It’s never been easier to prototype, but…more

It's Never Been Easier to Prototype, but . . .

The plethora of prototyping options available to designers today is staggering.  From 3D printing to SLAs, CNCs to laser cutting, quick-turn PCB fabs to Arduino boards, it’s becoming really easy to design up some parts, sit down at a lab bench and build those first prototypes.  And using prototypes in an iterative
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