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teamOur services include both technical and management services, all geared toward helping our customers get their products off of the proverbial drawing board and into production. We can develop the processes you need; help you manage the team or program; and / or do the heavy lifting on the engineering side to make it happen.

What's New at Zebulon Solutions?

From Prototyping to Production: How to Balance Speed, Scale & Qualitymore

Find out what it takes to get your product into manufacturing from start to finish and how to find the delicate balance of speed, scale and quality throughout the process. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SLIDE SHOW

Topic of the Month: Supply Chain

Supply Chain Managementmore

Supply chains are called chains for a reason—they are not just a collection of suppliers, rather a virtual chain that extends all the way back to both the design and raw materials up through reverse logistics (a fancy term for customer returns, both in and out of warranty).  It’s all
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A New Case Study!

Case Studiesmore

Energy Storage: Clean-tech Battery Contract manufacturer selection and qualification: Developed a documentation package and an RFQand then managed the RFQ process with tier 1 and 2 contract manufacturers Manufacturing strategy assessment: Reviewed current manufacturing strategy, and developed a more optimized strategy, including insourcing and outsourcing   We Care Solar Suitcase Requirements Definition: Defined
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We design. We test. We break things.

Getting the Concept Rightmore

Getting the Concept Right

Concept design sounds easy, right? A bunch of engineers, sitting around, brainstorming. Although the concept phase sounds as simple as sitting down and spouting off ideas, it’s much more time and thought consuming. Creating a product from start to finish is an all-around labor intensive process, and the concept phase
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Leadtime Do’s & Don’tsmore

Lead Time Do's & Don'ts

Here at Zebulon Solutions, we often see our customers making the same common mistakes over and over again when it comes to considering lead time. Whether you’re in the prototype phase or going into production, lead time is a HUGE factor as to whether or not you can save time
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