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teamOur services include both technical and management services, all geared toward helping our customers get their products off of the proverbial drawing board and into production. We can develop the processes you need; help you manage the team or program; and / or do the heavy lifting on the engineering side to make it happen.

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We design. We test. We break things.

Getting the Concept Rightmore

Getting the Concept Right

Concept design sounds easy, right? A bunch of engineers, sitting around, brainstorming. Although the concept phase sounds as simple as sitting down and spouting off ideas, it’s much more time and thought consuming. Creating a product from start to finish is an all-around labor intensive process, and the concept phase
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Leadtime Do’s & Don’tsmore

Lead Time Do's & Don'ts

Here at Zebulon Solutions, we often see our customers making the same common mistakes over and over again when it comes to considering lead time. Whether you’re in the prototype phase or going into production, lead time is a HUGE factor as to whether or not you can save time
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