Fractional/Interim Executives

fractionalinterimZebulon Solutions offers a unique fractional / interim executive program.  Unlike the masses of CXO programs offered by competitors, we focus on providing seasoned executives and managers for operational and engineering roles on an interim and / or fractional basis.

In either case we provide world class, seasoned operational or engineering executives with numerous end-to-end product launches under their belts and collaborative, can-do attitudes.

Interim executives

  • Project or phase specific
  • Driving change
  • To recruit a permanent solution
  • Quickly backfill departures
  • Turnarounds

Fractional executives

  • Anywhere from 5% to 95%
  • Fractional means saving money
  • Brings top talent and specific expertise
    • Contrary to popular belief, small companies often have trouble recruiting world class talent
  • Provide adult supervision
    • It sounds flippant and a little demeaning (our apologies) but often times young, dynamic companies have the skills but not the experience


Real examples of interim / fractional executive engagements:

  • VP Engineering for a Silicon Valley startup with design and cost challenges
    • Revamped both the design and the engineering team to meet product and company goals
    • Conducted a top to bottom design assessment
    • Developed priorities for both near term and long term
    • 2 month @ 50% assignment
  • VP Operations for a clean-tech pioneer, managing all manufacturing and the supply chain
    • Managed all operational aspects
    • Set up supply chain and manufacturing
    • 9 month @ 30% assignment
  • VP Engineering for an Australian consumer electronics company transitioning from R&D to production
    • Realigned engineering team from R&D mode to production launch focused
    • Recruited key management and technical personnel
    • 10000 kilometer commute!
    • Instituted processes based on engineering rigor and discipline
    • 8 month @ 50% assignment
    • We also provided a Director of Firmware Development
      • 4 month @ 20% assignment
  • VP Engineering for a growing manufacturer of inventory management systems
    • Managed design  and software team
    • Drove strategic prioritization of product enhancements
    • Identified external partners for adding new features
    • Set software development roadmap
    • 6 month @ 25% assignment (to date)

In truth we’ve even done a couple of interim CFO gigs, focusing on setting up operational systems like inventory management and cost forecasting.

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